Legal Notice

The videos on this website are merely to show how the TripActivator can be installed and function in various existing installations as they were at the time of filming and also in fabricated set-ups.

1) By necessity, various products manufactured by other Companies, such as Consumer Units, Smoke Alarms and RCD’s etc appear as props in these videos. TripActivator Ltd would like to make it clear that it is an independent company, and that the incidental inclusion of any product(s) as props in these demonstration videos, is not intended to and does not imply any form of association with, endorsement of, or approval of, the “TripActivator” by the Company that manufacture those products.

2) TripActivator Ltd may refer to the published statistic probability of a fire starting, it is not implying that any particular brand or model of product has any more probability of being involved in a fire than any other.

3) Also be aware, regulations change, therefore conformity of these filmed installations to the very latest regulations cannot be guaranteed.